Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some people look forward to weekends

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I spent hours today on a ladder painting the edges of the ceiling that I didn't get to last weekend. Whoever designed "popcorn" ceiling texture should be shot. Several times. After I finally finished painting, I crawled along the hallway scrubbing up the dried texture bits that I had dislodged with my paintbrush. Well, I didn't actually crawl, I scooted. I was going to crawl, but then I remembered that I have a bone spur under my right kneecap. It never bothers me unless I kneel on it, so of course I "remembered" by kneeling on it...and then hitting my head on the wall when I lurched sideways trying to get OFF my knee as fast as possible.

I'm pretty sure it's a bone spur, because it feels just like you'd think a spur under your kneecap would feel. To give my athletic-trainer-husband some credit, when I asked him about it, he just agreed that I was probably right, instead of asking me to let him look at my knee, which generally is followed by the words "Does it hurt when I do this?" I've seen him try that trick on the 18-year-olds in the training room. Poor naive things. I don't fall for that line anymore. Last week I had a headache and he offered to massage my head for me. I said no thank you, and he smiled and asked if I really didn't want a massage, or if I was just chicken. He knows I know.

Once I finished mopping the hallway with a washcloth to get all the paint spots up, I decided to take a shower. That turned out to be complicated, because we've been trying to figure out the origin of the huge water spots on the garage ceiling (right under the toilet...hmmm). Mr. Efficient found a small leak from the water supply valve, so he had tightened up all the things that could be tightened and then laid paper towels all around the toilet to see if there were any leaks and if so, where they were coming from. Now I wanted to take a shower, but the bathroom was still covered in paper towels.

I had to dislodge The King of Home Repair from his recliner (watching "Pirate Tech") and have him do his final toilet check. No leaks! Apparently our garage ceiling decor is the result of GeekBoy trying to un-stop the toilet on his own a few days ago (1/4" of water on the floor as a result). I'm pretty sure Mr. In-My-Day will stop telling GeekBoy that he's old enough to use a plunger by himself now. He cleaned up his leak detection devices and went back to his pirates so I could take a shower. About 15 seconds after I got under the water, the automatic timer on the light switch went off. I spent a little time thinking mean things about husbands who are obsessed with wasting electricity.

Someday I'm going to electrocute myself getting out of the shower to turn the lights back on. Yes, I'm sure I could manage to shower in the dark, but I'm also QUITE sure that I'd hit my head or fall over something when I was trying to get OUT of the shower. Sometimes Tuftie likes to come in very quietly and lie on the rug while I'm in the shower. That's a Chevy Chase movie in the making there.

The ceiling looks really good. The hallway looks very nice, and now that I put the rugs back down on the nice clean floor, the dogs won't skid into the walls when they get excited. My knee feels fine now, but my elbow hurts. Tomorrow I have to clean up the guest room, because my sister's coming soon. Not clean, as in dust and vacuum. I mean clean up, as in, find the bed. Although...if I give her enough margaritas, she'll probably just sleep on the couch downstairs anyway...

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