Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Christmas Gift

Last year we were counting our blessings, because one month after being diagnosed with leukemia, Emma was doing far better than expected. On Christmas Day she was out of PICU and doing pretty well with the chemotherapy, although she still had lots of tubes and couldn't have many visitors.

This year Emma spent Christmas with her family, having a ball! She is in remission, is finished with chemotherapy, and is growing her hair back. She loves horses, shoes and Barney. And she's a complete and total ham!

With Great-great-grandma Nanny on Christmas morning:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

When is a laptop not a laptop anymore?

The internal fan in my laptop doesn't work anymore, and then it overheats and shuts down, so I set the laptop on a couple of strips of wood to give it space underneath and aimed a $5 fan I bought at Walmart at it. It works really well.

Then the light in the laptop screen went out, so I had to hook up our old spare monitor--it's not even a flat screen!

Since I used to type for a living, I had to have an ergonomic keyboard, and I never did like that touchpad deal, so I have a wireless mouse and keyboard hooked up to the laptop, too.

I don't have the printer and scanner hooked up right now, because there's no room on the desk.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa? Or is that Grandpa?...It's Mom!!!

Emma doesn't seem to sure about this whole Santa thing, even if that is Grandpa under the beard. Wait, it's not Grandpa, it's Mom!! That's just weird...although not so scary.

When it was Grandpa under there, she didn't like it one bit!