Saturday, December 22, 2007

When is a laptop not a laptop anymore?

The internal fan in my laptop doesn't work anymore, and then it overheats and shuts down, so I set the laptop on a couple of strips of wood to give it space underneath and aimed a $5 fan I bought at Walmart at it. It works really well.

Then the light in the laptop screen went out, so I had to hook up our old spare monitor--it's not even a flat screen!

Since I used to type for a living, I had to have an ergonomic keyboard, and I never did like that touchpad deal, so I have a wireless mouse and keyboard hooked up to the laptop, too.

I don't have the printer and scanner hooked up right now, because there's no room on the desk.

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Annie said...

Aha! That's David and Baz in the monitor. I'm there as 'freak4dageek'.
thanks for the link to Kate's blog. Will definitely check it out.