Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The day we've both dreaded and hoped for

Emma had her stem cell transplant today. It will be well into fall before she gets to go outside again, but we have every reason to believe that in November she'll be eating turkey and pumpkin pie with the family again, including a new baby brother or sister. Check out her dancing skills in the latest video, taken Friday in her specially fitted-out hospital room. You'd never guess she'd already had four days of radiation and two days of chemo! Her mom told me they had to get her a "cage bed" because she was jumping on her bed so high they were afraid she'd tumble over the side! Too bad that's not in the video!

I need to update her website, too. In the meantime, you can check it out if you like cute kid pics!


Scary said...

Hey Crazymom.

It case you didn't know. The squirrels have new temporary home.
A lot of us are there hanging out.


Scary (Mary)

scary said...


Dgeek is back up. YAY!!! I love all the renovations. David has done an incredible job.

Hope to see you back in the Random Chat thread. : )

Scary (Mary)