Sunday, December 07, 2008

Emma's newbabybrotherorsister has arrived!

Cameron Lukas Hill arrived safe and sound on November 11th. Emma was thrilled, as you can see. She still thinks he's pretty cool, now a month later. She has figured out that his name is Cameron, not newbabybrotherorsister, as she kept calling him at first. After all, that's what everyone had been calling him for weeks! She also calls him "my nay-nay," which is what she calls her baby dolls.

Emma is now more than 100 days post-transplant, so she can go anywhere she wants, as long as she wears her surgical mask, which she is pretty cooperative about.

Here's the video of Emma meeting Cameron at the hospital:



shiningwit said...

beautiful family! The video brought tears to my eyes *sniff* I wish you and your family all the very best.


crazymom said...

Didn't you love how she holds out her hands and motions for them to hand over the baby to her? So cute!