Monday, March 29, 2010

Best doctor visit EVER!

My doctor is VERY happy with me. Apparently most people don't do this well right off the bat. I have to admit I thought it would be harder, too. The carb counting is pretty concrete, though, which makes it easier for me. Also I really really don't want to damage my kidneys or my liver, and I'd like to keep my toes and my eyesight, so I'm pretty motivated.

My stress fracture is completely healed, so I can start exercising again. I can use the treadmill, but she suggested I NOT do that every day like I was, and instead do a bicycle or the elliptical trainer more than the treadmill.

I've lost 11 pounds in the last month. Woo-hoo!!!

She was very happy with my daily blood sugars. Last time I had lab work done, since they weren't expecting to see the diabetes, she didn't order a hemoglobin A1C. That test measures your overall glucose over the last three months. She had the lab run it once she got my results, while they still had my blood sample, and it turned out to be 6.4, which is NORMAL. That's awesome, because it means my diabetes is a very recent development, which means the odds of me having already done any damage to my organs is pretty much zero.

I had a pneumonia shot today, which is mandatory every 5 years for diabetics. I also MUST have a seasonal flu shot every year, see the eye doctor every year, see the dentist every six months, and get lab work every three months. That's all a pain in the neck, but on the other hand, why would I complain about making sure I'm healthy? I had to start one more medication, too, as a preventative measure to protect my kidneys from the diabetes. It's a generic, so it's cheap, and kidneys are expensive.

Dr Rita said that my stress fracture, the vitamin deficiency, and the hypothyroidism would all have contributed to the high blood sugar, so getting those things corrected, combined with my diet changes, should really help the diabetes. She said it's possible I could get off the diabetes medication after a few months, but that medication helps cholesterol and weight gain as well as blood sugar, and as I get older I'd probably find it harder and harder to control my blood sugars and end up back on medication. I'm on the lowest dose they have, and I've read a lot about it, and I'm okay with staying on it. It has a lot of benefits and virtually no side effects (except stomach upset, which I haven't had except for the first day). It doesn't cause low blood sugars, so even if my control is excellent, it still won't hurt to take it.

I celebrated by going to Starbucks and getting a mocha and a scone, a piece of coffee cake, and a piece of pumpkin bread...but I shared with Brian and only ate the portion I'm allowed. Those mochas are really helping me get through the chocolate cravings without cheating!

I had follow-up lab work today, so Wednesday I'll find out how I'm doing on the cholesterol, vitamin D deficiency, thyroid, and liver enzymes. Dr. Rita said that there should be significant improvement on all of them.

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