Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy to report that all is boring

Just boring old good news today. The bone density scan results were normal, so no osteoporosis or osteopenia! I need to take a regular over-the-counter calcium supplement because of my age and the fact that I don't drink milk, but no special meds are needed and I won't need another scan for two years. Yay for that! Once your bone density is low it takes a while to build it back up, even with prescriptions, so I'm relieved that getting this stress fracture to heal shouldn't be an more difficult than the average. The vitamin D deficiency that is partly to blame for the fracture is much easier to correct. I WANT THIS BOOT OFF! I hate it.

Also, just in case you needed some TMI, my mammogram was also normal. I wasn't really worried about that, but it's always good to know. Now once that bruise fades, I won't have to think about that for another year.

And all my blood sugar tests have been normal since I started counting carbs. So far, so good. In two weeks I'll have repeat blood work and an x-ray, and then we'll see where I stand. And whether I stand without the stupid boot.

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