Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It was good while it lasted

I love Pepsi, pizza, poptarts, chocolate, sweet tea, Nutella, cheese, chocolate milk, and margaritas, to name a few. I knew that at some point the fun would have to end, though. And now approaching 50 (dear God) and overweight, I hit the wall.

Actually I hit the treadmill, and in less than a month I had a stress fracture in my foot. From walking. That's kinda humiliating. My doctor said it was also alarming, and ordered a bunch of tests. The first batch came back this week. High blood sugar, high cholesterol, elevated liver enzymes, hypothyroidism, and a vitamin D deficiency. Hey, at least I'm not anemic! The results from my bone density scan aren't back yet, but there's a pretty good chance I have osteoporosis, or at least osteopenia.

I'm going to have to get one of those double-sided medicine sorters with the MTWTF on it for all my new meds. One has to be taken on an empty stomach, another one on a full stomach. One is once a week, another is once a day, another is twice a day. Dammit, this is OLD PEOPLE stuff!

This is going to be my journal. If I'm the only one that reads it, that's okay with me. In fact, it might be less embarrassing if I was! But what the hell.


Misty aka s_aurius said...

I'll be reading. Your stories keep me entertained. :)

Sorry to hear about the health stuff going on. It's difficult to get into shape when your body is fighting back. :p

My husband has had all kinds of physical problems since joining the military. Most of from entering as an out of shape 33 year old. He is no longer able to run at all because he has developed compartment syndrome.

Hopefully your stress fracture is not an indication of a more serious bone condition and heals quickly.

crazymom said...

I used to get compartment syndrome when I ran--it's so painful!

I intend to take my meds and be faithful about following the doctor's orders. I have no patience with people who whine but don't do what they know they should. I'll do my share of whining, but I'll be good, too! The truth is I knew this was coming, someday, because my diet is TERRIBLE and I hadn't exercised in three years. Now it's the moment of truth, and I just to get on with it. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is my first appointment with the diabetic educator. I'll get my new glucose meter and learn how to check my blood sugars. Oh, joy!