Monday, March 15, 2010

Is this me?

I have the dates for my diabetes education classes and my follow-up blood work written on my calendar. I bought the big medicine sorter and the economy-sized bottle of vitamin D. I bought divided plastic containers so I can take healthy food to work instead of sending an officer to McDonald's. Today I have to go pick up my prescriptions for lancets and test strips for my glucose meter.

Is this ME? This is my life? It just doesn't sound right. What's really weirding me out is I don't mind.

I'm a frozen pizza, poptarts, and Pepsi kind of girl. Vegetables are something I eat because you're supposed to, not because I like them. But I actually kinda liked the salad I had for dinner last night, and the unsweetened tea wasn't as good as a Pepsi, but it wasn't bad. I think I've been replaced by a pod person. I'M READING NUTRITION LABELS, FOR GOD'S SAKE!! It's scary. It's just so NOT me.

I think I should be depressed, because even the low level of diabetes I have can have serious health consequences if not taken seriously, and it just sounds old to say I have type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, and possibly osteoporosis (still waiting on those results). But for some reason it doesn't really bother me that much. I'm taking it seriously, but I'm not depressed.

If I can just get rid of the stupid walking boot, I'll be celebrating, darn it!

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